Final Project!!!! Wewt!

My intention on this project was to make a brochure for the Baja Event. My target audience was anyone who would be attending the event or anyone who may possibly want to attend. I included "placeholders" for local businesses and maps of both Pittsburg the city, and of Pittsburg State University.
I went with a simple 4-fold design in which every time you opened it up it got a little bigger. I printed on regular paper, (the cheapest for my budget), and it would have been roughly $1.00 a piece to mass produce this brochure.

The publication ad was one of my favorite. I read magazines constantly and usually pay attention to the ads and what they are trying to get across. I designed a liquor bottle that was aimed at men, who love hot women, or I guess, women who love hot women. Or anyone really who takes appreciation in the human form. I think my design went over very well!

Direct Mail

I did not do this project up to standard. I had been in the hospital the days leading up to turning in this project and health-wise I was in no shape to be doing work of any kind. I did attempt to do my best with my file, but it turned out terrible and I will not post it here!

Newspaper Process!

The newspaper process was pretty simple, figure out the equation for your column inches then design the file to go around the parameters. I chose to do a newspaper ad over my friends band, Kim on Top. It turned out well minus the CoB I did.


4-States Technology Conference

My attendance to the 4-States conference was limited due to the fact that I had spent last week in the hospital with health issues.  I did however manage to "release myself" from bedrest on Friday morning to participate in "Tool Time".  I played Tim the Toolman Taylor and showcased businesses new and upcoming technologies.  It was a great time, for two  hours I worked with no script and just did ad-lib.  It was one of the most fun times I have had in my life.  Hearing a crowd laugh at MOST of the things I said was a huge rush!


Recruitment time!

I  really enjoyed this project.  Not being a graphics major when I get something assigned it feels like I am just getting busy work, even though it is teaching me how to use a program better.  Being able to try to make something that will be given to students, whether mine is chosen or someone else’s felt like a real tangible goal.  In my Technology Education major, it is very frequent that we are sent out to High Schools to recruit and speak to Juniors and Seniors, this project was interesting and felt like I was doing the same thing in a manner that I had never used.
            As for my actual design, I’m not quite sure what it is.  It resembles something I saw on a wall in the Riverfront Mall in Lawrence when I was a young child.  I remembered there being hills and shapes and possibly birds.  The work spoke to me on an emotional level for some reason and I found myself going back to see it for years until the mall shut down.  I tried to make something emotional and “artsy” that may affect someone else on the same level.  Going through my word matrix I came to a ton of different conclusions.  My final one being, High School students are heavy into self expression.  From that bubble I decided music and art were two ways, at least when I was growing up, that we expressed ourselves.  There were some comments in class, “What is it?” “Is that a rocket ship?”. I cannot answer that question, it’s supposed to be art of some sort, each person sees art in their own way.  One person may see a rocket ship, another may see people and shoulders, (That’s what I saw).  I have quite a few friends in the Graphics major and one thing I always admired about them is how artistic and creative they are.  My design was meant to appeal to students who are just that.  I have no idea if I hit the mark or not, as I have said, I am not overly artistic or creative, but I do pride myself on being a thinker, and someone who tries to do things outside of the box.  I hope I did this with the note pad!

Brendan Murphy Inspiration

Mr. Murphy’s presentation was amazing. He started off by saying that he was “not the best public speaker”, but that was not the case at all. Most of the time, I have noticed that if people do not see themselves as the best at something, they are actually quite adept. He was a very engaging person, his stories were truthful it seemed. He also seemed to care deeply about what he does, he doesn’t just design he sways emotion, through different media. To think that an entire company’s identity is created by his company is awesome. Everything they do is so well planned and thought out, I find myself wanting to buy more things from things I know he has touched. His story about kissing the boyfriend and the French translation still has me laughing.
            The most impressive thing about him was how humble he was. To see him tearing up at the end, remembering where he got his start made me smile. This man is at the top of his profession, has seemingly an amazing family, and I detected ZERO narcissism from him! That was utterly shocking to me; he seemed so honest and genuine about where he has been, what he is doing, and where he thinks he is going. It is so rare to find a person, especially one as successful as him that really appears to think of others before himself. Making the new handicap symbol? Who does that? Who really takes their time to just do something for an entire demographic, and then make it free? I can’t even put into words how impressive of a person he was to me. As a person, he is someone to emulate. I hope he comes and speaks again soon, I am not a graphics person, but one does not need to be to appreciate the kind of person he is.